Video Journal of Clinical Research


Case Report

A rare case of objective tinnitus in an octogenarian

Sunil Goyal, Yamuna Ranganathan, Sween Banger

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2023;2:100005VAM08SG2023. doi: 10.5348/100005VAM08SG2020CR

Technical Report

Glass needle-based chromosome microdissection—How to set up probes for molecular cytogenetics?

Ahmed Al-Rikabi, Leon B Liehr, Thomas Liehr

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2020;2:100004VAM08AR2020. doi: 10.5348/100004VAM08AR2020TR

Case Report

Bubble contrast echocardiography study for diagnosing pulmonary arteriovenous shunt in a case of hepatopulmonary syndrome

Sandip Gupta, Karthik Arigela, Sweta Mohanty

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2020;2:100003VAM08SG2020. doi: 10.5348/100003VAM08SG2020CR

Original Article

Minimally invasive endoscopic septoplasty

Pierre-François Dolhen, Samuel Lipski, Antoine Noel

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2018;1:100002VAM08PD2018. doi: 10.5348/100001VAM08PD2018OA

Technical Paper

Fallible pitfalls for novice obstetrician on application of Naegele forceps

Jun Takeda, Hitomi Ando, Shintaro Makino, Atsuo Itakura, Satoru Takeda

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2018;1:100001VAM08JT2018. doi: 10.5348/100001VAM08JT2018TP

Case Report

Ocular flutter as the first sign of a breast carcinoma

Chlara Maes, Hilde Janssens, Lies Goovaerts, Maria Dieltiens, Maarten Schrooten, Catherine Cassiman

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2017;1:100001VAM04CM2017. doi: 10.5348/VAM04-2017-1-CR-1

Case Report

Entrapment of a large air bubble at aortic root associated with intra-aortic balloon pump insertion

Hack-Lyoung Kim, Sang-Ik Baek, Hana Kim

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2017;1:100001VAM02HK2017. doi: 10.5348/VAM02-2017-1-CR-1

Clinical Videos

Physical signs of hypocalcemia

Bidhya Timilsina, Niranjan Tachamo, Prem Parajuli, Sijan Basnet

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2017;2:100001VAM07BT2017. doi: 10.5348/VAM07-2017-1-CV-1

Original Article

Nerve root sparing in posterior approach corpectomy and thoracolumbar spine reconstruction using an expandable cage: A novel technique

Nissim Ohana, Daniel Benharroch, Dimitri Sheinis

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2017;2:100002VNP05NO2017. doi: 10.5348/VNP05-2017-2-OA-1

Original Article

Controlled, randomized multicenter study to compare compatibility and safety of ChondroFiller liquid (cell free 2-component collagen gel) with microfracturing of patients with focal cartilage defects of the knee joint

Ulrich Schneider

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2016;1:100001VNP05US2016. doi: 10.5348/VNP05-2016-1-OA-1

Clinical Videos

Vertical upbeat nystagmus with isolated acute middle cerebellar peduncle stroke

Kinjal Desai, Thomas Bullock, Rahul Damani, Eric Bershad

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2016;1:100001VNP01KD2016. doi: 10.5348/VNP01-2016-1-CV-1

Case Report

Laparoscopic repair of a traumatic lumbar hernia repair

Yagan Pillay

Video Journal of Clinical Research 2015;1:100001VQZ02YP2015. doi: 10.5348/VQZ02-2015-1-CR-1